Devops Engineer (Site Reliability Engineer)

Paris, Île-de-France, France · App / Back-end


What’s this role about?

Rythm has built a team of the best experts in Hardware, Software and Neuroscience. The App&Backend Team has a very high value in the development of the Company and our projects. Their day-to-day is made of challenges, team-work and technics. The Rythm team is seeking a great Site Reliability Engineer (DevOps) in order to :

* Setting up, monitoring and automating our containerized micro-service based infrastructure

* Leveraging disruptive infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform and Kubernetes to keep technical debt as low as possible

* Optimizing performance-critical backend applications

* Designing and maintaining a fast, scalable and reliable Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment pipeline

* Orchestrating computationally intensive machine learning tasks

* Bringing the DevOps culture into the company

Fields of expertise : Kubernetes, Terraform, CoreOS administration, Docker, Git, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Prometheus...


Requirements :

- Master degrees in Engineering School

- 3 to 5 years in a previous Site Reliability Engineer (DevOps) position

- Great level in French and English

- Strong interest in new technology

- Strong motivation in changing the world of neurotechnology

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