Manufacturing Operations Manager - Based in Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan · Engineering Hardware


As the Manufacturing Operations Manager you will be the local representative of Rythm, as the key member of the new regional office, you will develop and grow business relationships with suppliers, providers and subcontractors, following-up all industrialisation phases of Rythm's products with a strong liaison with our manufacturers.

Early industrialization and development

- Drive interactions and synchronise none-recuring engineering research between sub-contractors and Paris R&D teams

- Gather and assemble feedback from third acting parties to input R&D teams on early stage conception

- Co-define sourcing strategies to optimize cost and secure deliveries

- Help source parts, components or services required to be able to scale mass production evangelizing Rythm's quality standards

- Cost control


- Fully support NPI processes

- Help define production line flows

- Enhance inspection processes to increase quality output

- Plan and secure consigned material deliveries

Mass production

- Follow consign stock and usage

- Optimize cost

- Overview production

- Manage output rate


Key Qualifications:

- Detail, action oriented, self starter leader

- Excellent consumer manufacturing process knowledge

- Natural problem solver

- Ability to work independently

- Travel to supplier’s manufacturing sites

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