Biosignals Intern

Paris, Île-de-France, France · Biosignal · BS


As a biosignals intern, you will be a member of the biosignals team in our R&D facilities in Paris.

You will be participating to the design of the next generation of products at Rythm. More specifically, you will focus on developing a robust tool that will identify, characterise, and eventually cancel some of the artefacts that appear on the EEG signals recorded by dry sensors.

Your work will focus as a first step on understanding the physical behaviours that occur at every interface in between the body and the acquisition board. You will also spend some time characterising the different patterns that come to be superimposed to EEG data. Finally, you will investigate ways to automatically cancel artefacts occurring in EEG signals, in order to contribute to the next state-of-the-art device.


Technical requirements:

* Good transverse scientific knowledge
* Strong background in general physics, mechanics and maths
* Knowledge about fundamentals of biosignals
* Strong experimental skills and a will to seek for innovation through experimental trial and learn

Soft skills:
* Appeal for complex systems * Analytical mind
* Presentation skills
* Creativity
* English

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